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EYELET Curtains

Within our expansive wholesale curtain range, you’ll find a growing number of on-trend eyelet curtain designs – all of which are available to order in bulk. See the full lineup in our catalogue.

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“Alan Symonds is one of our longest standing relationships. They are a company that continually evolves their designs and produces high quality home textiles for the latest trends.”

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What we do

Our history dates all the way back to 1979, when Alan Symonds founded the company that still carries his name over four decades on. At first, we operated as a general cash and carry firm, but huge success with net curtains early on led to us specialising in home furnishings. It proved to be a wise move, as we rapidly became Britain’s market-leading wholesale net curtain supplier.

As time has moved on, interior design has evolved – and so has our product range. Now, our huge collection includes wholesale cushions, curtains, throws and more in a wide variety of fashionable prints and colours.

Not only are our products desirable, they’re affordable and designed to last. Plus, our 40-plus years of wholesale experience means you’ll have access to the products you need, when you need them. We average a 95% stockholding of over 3,000 SKUs, and offer a reliable drop shipping service that’s perfect for e-commerce retailers.

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Our collection of Wholesale EYELET Curtains

Beautiful to behold whether open or closed, our amazing eyelet curtain range includes all kinds of designs, from the minimalist to the ornate.

Ochre Ferndown ring top curtains
Latte Ferndown ring top curtains
Ferndown Eyelet curtain - Ochre
Ferndown Eyelet curtain - Latte
Cotswold Ring Top curtain - Orange
Cambourne ring top curtain - Ochre
Cambourne ring top curtain - Blue
Oslo ring top curtains - Ochre
Oslo ring top curtains - Blue
Madison Ring Top Curtain - Teal
Cotswold Ring Top Teal
Cotswold Ring Top Silver
Cotswold Ring Top Orange
Cotswold Ring Top Curtain - Ochre
Cotswold Ring Top Curtain - Latte
Madison Ring Top Curtain - Navy
Madison Ring Top Curtain - Latte
Who We Supply To
Which wholesale eyelet curtains can we supply?

A stylish complement to any modern interior, our line of eyelet curtains truly does have something for everyone. From timeless, elegant hues to eye-catching prints that really make a statement, you’ll find a wide variety of enticing options in our catalogue.

Download your copy below to view our full range of wholesale curtains, including blackouts, ready-mades, and tie-backs.

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40 years Experience
Why choose Alan Symonds?

There are plenty of other wholesale home decor suppliers out there, so why go with Alan Symonds?

First off, we have over 40 years of experience in our field. In that time, our dedication to providing only the most desirable, durable and great value products has helped us secure a number of high-profile customers. We’re proud to supply renowned high street retailers like Wayfair and Home Bargains, along with a growing number of popular online retailers.

Our experience also means that we understand what you’re looking for as a business. We keep over 95% of our products in stock at any one time, and our reliable drop shipping service means you won’t have to worry about running out of stock to sell.

Speaking of stock, each of our many product lines is regularly revisited and refreshed in-line with current trends. We conduct extensive market research on an ongoing basis, ensuring that our products consistently lead the way in terms of design.

It’s easy to begin selling our products, whether you run a high street store or an e-commerce business. Simply download our latest catalogue below to view our full range and place your first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from their attractive looks, eyelet curtains are easy to hang and beautifully smooth to open and close. They glide along curtain rails with ease, making them a joy to use as well as look at.

If you’re looking to stock an alternative style of curtain, we’ve got you covered. We also produce pencil pleat curtains in a variety of designs – explore the full lineup in our catalogue.

They’re very practical, which is partly why they sell so well. They’re easy to hang and slide smoothly, making them a great alternative to pencil pleat curtains.


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