How to choose a wholesale cushion supplier

28th July 2022

When it comes to choosing a wholesale cushion supplier you want to make sure they’re reliable and cater to the growing demands of your business. If you’re looking to grow your product portfolio and increase profit margins, we’re detailing exactly what you should expect from your wholesale supplier.

Can they keep up with the demand?

If a cushion design is selling like hot cakes, the last thing you want is for your supplier to say they don’t have any of your best-selling cushion in stock. That’s why you should check their supply levels. With an average stock holding of over 95%, you can count on Alan Symonds to deliver.

A great working relationship

If you’re going to become a regular customer, you’ll want to be able to establish a good working relationship with the company. It’s worth seeing whether they are flexible with their service, especially if you’re going to a loyal, repeat customer. Check that their customer service is accessible and helpful – if you ever have a query, you’ll want to know that it will be dealt with promptly.

At Alan Symonds, we give the option for businesses to buy the cushion covers or the entire cushion, including the padding.

Check reviews

Are retailers singing high praises for the wholesaler or are they frequently rating below 3-stars with frustrated feedback? Checking impartial, third-party review sites can help you gauge how reliable and professional the company is. This could even help sway your final decision.

Frequent design changes

Whether your customer base is always looking for something new or you are looking to entice new customers, frequently updating your stock will help bring people onto your ecommerce or brick-and-mortar shop more often.

Other products

Customers looking to buy new cushions may be revamping a whole room. They may be looking to change their curtains as well, with a specific colour theme in mind. To keep things simple, they may want matching designs for their fabric furnishings. Looking out for cushion wholesalers that also provide matching or similar styles in other products could help boost your sales.


Constantly evolving to keep pace with the latest trends, there are plenty of designs to entice customers new and old. Have a look at our Wholesale Cushions for yourself over on our website.