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“As a company we have a heritage of innovation. From hand scalloping lace, to screen printing it, and hand embroidering tergal and voile to introducing varied colours, fabrics, and ready made options to the market.

We continue to push the boundaries of manufacture and design to bring up to date and classic style to homes through UK, and overseas” Ian, Managing Director, Alan Symonds

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The company was founded in London by Alan Symonds in 1979 as a cash & carry business selling anything and everything. When Alan then moved to Peterborough, he purchased a wholesale business in the city centre.

By chance, Alan secured a one-off bulk stock of net curtain material from a supplier. The material proved so popular that Alan sought a permanent supplier, and after some impressive detective work & logistics management, Alan secured a reliable, consistent supply of brise bise.

Alan Symonds became the market leaders in Brise Bise and café curtains from the far east. However, the key to our continued success is our agility and innovation and as such Alan saw the early signs of a shift in demand away from nets and into voiles and readymade curtains. As a result, we expanded our team and our supply network, developing an increasingly diverse range of window treatments in a wide variety of sizes, styles, designs and materials.

Where we

Our wholesale home furnishing product range grew significantly and diversified to include a wide range of soft furnishings such as cushions, tablecloths, throws and rugs to name just a few!

In 2003, Alan’s son Ian took the reins as Managing Director, and the company continued to go from strength to strength. As the catalogue expanded, our customer base widened and the sales boomed. As a result, in 2005 we built a 30,000sqft custom warehouse and head office next to the A1 in Peterborough. Here our dedicated team have the space to manage our vast, ever-increasing stock holding as well as utilise an excellent transport network for both efficient receival of goods in and shipping of goods out.

As well as delivering wholesale to our customers, we now also offer dropshipping direct to consumer for a growing number of our ecommerce and catalogue customers. This saves our customers time and effort, as well as ensures the end consumer gets their goods quickly and hassle free.

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We have already made great strides in our ecommerce story, and now that story is getting even more fast paced and exciting. Alan Symonds is now fully integrated with Linnworks, a powerful platform that connects & automates the entire multi-channel sales process, handling everything from stock control and inventory management to order fulfilment and shipping. We now have the capacity, knowledge and capability to continue to scale up our ecommerce business, whilst also maintaining and growing the wholesale side of our business.

Our agility and innovative approach have always formed a core part of who we are, and as such we conduct regular market and trend research, always evolving and never standing still. We continually update our product portfolio, adding new ranges and entirely new products all the time.

Through all the change and through all the challenges, we have never lost that hardworking, dedicated family business spirit, and we never will. That, combined with our knowledge, experience and capabilities makes us very special indeed. We are ready for the next exciting part of our story.

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