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Bestselling Homeware

Alan Symonds has a vast range of wholesale home decor products available which, having been meticulously designed and curated, are all very successful. However, we all want to know what the absolute best sellers are!

Updated regularly, here is a snapshot of our top 10 best sellers right now. Don’t miss out!

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Must haves
Top 10

1. Beaded Swags
2. Cotswold range
3. Earl tiebacks
4. Gingham Range
5. Madison Range
6. Mongolian Range
7. Oh Range
8. Voile Swags
9. Jewelled Swags
10. Skandi range

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Our Bestsellers
Cotswold Taped Curtain - Teal
Cotswold Taped Curtain - Orange
Cotswold Ring Top Curtain - Ochre
Cotswold Ring Top Curtain - Latte
Beaded Swag - Cream and Silver
Beaded Swag - Black and white
Earl Tie Backs - Full range
Gingham Cafe Panel - Green
Gingham Tablecloth - Red
Gingham Curtains - Yellow
Madison Ring Top Curtain - Latte
Madison Ring Top Curtain - Teal
Madison Taped Curtain - Charcoal
Madison taped Curtain - Cream
Madison Ring Top Curtain - Navy
Skandi Ring Curtain - Navy
Skandi Ring Curtain - Ochre
Oh Cushion - Red
Oh Cushion - Navy
Mongolian Cushion - Cream
Mongolian Cushion - Pink
Mongolian Cushion - Silver
Mongolian Footstool - Charcoal
Jewelled Swag - Red and Cream
Plain Voile Swag - Teal and Cream

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