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Wholesale Blackout Curtains

“I am responsible for the integration of Linnworks – our stock and order management system. I manage the processing and dispatching of orders direct to our customers which improves transit time, reduces costs and our retailers carbon footprint”. Mark, DD Manager

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Everyone wants to ensure that they are their family sleep well. It is often overlooked, but the quickest, simplest and often cheapest method of helping achieve this is with blackout curtains.

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Blackout Curtains

We want to help everyone get the sleep they need in a room they are also proud of when the lights are on, so we have developed an outstanding range of blackout curtains and blinds. To suit a vast range of tastes and budgets, our blackouts range encompasses everything from light minimising block out all the way to 100% blackout. Our blackout range also help with thermal management, keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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Blackout Ring Top - Blue
Blackout Ring Top - Pink
Diamond Blackout - Charcoal
Diamond Blackout - Mink
Diamond Blackout - Silver
Palace Blackout - Beige
Palace Blackout - Blush
Palace Blackouts - Charcoal
Palace Blackout - Silver

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