Can blackout curtains keep the cold out?

7th July 2022


We all know what blackout curtains are primarily designed for: to block out the light. But besides helping you get a great night’s sleep, could they also help you save on your energy bills?

This is a particularly pertinent question at the moment, with energy bills rising to their highest point since the ‘50s. And they’re set to rise further still, if you can believe that.

In the increasingly expensive world we now live in, anything you can do to keep these costs to a minimum should be welcomed. So, where exactly do blackout curtains fit in?

Can blackout curtains help?

In a word, yes. Any curtains, no matter their design and thickness, can help a little in the winter. Most homes tend to lose much of their heat through the windows, and curtains can help by providing a little added insulation.

Blackout curtains are much better than your average curtain in this regard, however. Because they’re thicker, they provide an even greater barrier against the cold air, helping you lock in the heat that your radiators have kicked out.

And the benefits of blackouts don’t end there! Because of their insulating properties, they can even help you stay cool in summer – a total win-win.

Wholesale blackout curtains

Not all blackout curtains are created equal, though. Some are thicker and provide more insulation than others, so it’s important to think carefully about your options before you buy. The wholesale blackout curtains we supply here at Alan Symonds utilise triple weave blackout technology, not only giving you a great night’s sleep but helping you stay warm when the temperature outside plummets.

View the full range on our website today and download our brochure to place an order. Alternatively, if you’re buying for your own home instead of a business, you can find our products on the shelves of top retailers like Home Bargains and Wayfair.