What is the most popular size of cushion?

9th August 2022


Cushions weren’t always the must-have interior design accessory they are today. Years ago, they existed purely to provide a little extra comfort – a cheap and easy upgrade over a rock-hard wooden seat.

Over the years, though, cushions have become an interior design staple. Living rooms in particular can look barren without them, and their soft, comforting feel makes them perfect for getting cosy in the winter.

But the rise in popularity of cushions has also meant an increase in the level of choice available. You can get them in pretty much any size, colour and texture you can imagine nowadays – and there’s even an array of novelty cushions available too.

Basically, choosing the right cushion can feel a little bewildering – there’s so much choice that it can be hard to know what to go for. The same goes for business owners; if you’re looking to buy wholesale cushions to sell on to customers, which sizes should you go for?

To help make your life a little easier, here are the most popular cushion sizes currently on the market.

Popular cushion sizes

The most popular cushion shape is the square, a classic choice that looks good in practically any setting. Common sizes include:

  • 12×12”
  • 16×16”
  • 18×18”
  • 22×22”
  • 24×24”

At Alan Symonds, we’re big fans of the medium-larger cushion sizes, 18×18” and 22×22”.

They’re large enough to provide plenty of comfort but aren’t too big and bulky. Interior design as a whole is all about balance, so it’s important to choose a cushion that doesn’t overpower or detract from the rest of the room. That’s why we stock those sizes in particular.

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